The heads of safety group meets quarterly to provide an operational view of safety-related matters, share best practice and to identify where further research or action may be appropriate.

Regular updates on the work of the group can be found in the news section of the website here.


Membership of the Heads of Safety Group in 2021 is as follows:


Andrew Shaw – Keolis Nottingham

Andrew Wallace – FirstGroup

Anthony Stanley – West Midlands Metro

Ben Kershaw – Metrolink

Neil Booth – Edinburgh Trams.

Carl Williams – LRSSB

Carole Mason – Metrolink

Chris Davies – Blackpool Transport.

Christopher Hopkinson – Sypte

Colin Kerr – Edinburgh Trams

Donald McClurg – Edinburgh Trams

Eoin Colleran – TransDev (Ireland)

Frank Kelly – spt.

James Hammett – UKTram

John Campbell – spt

Louis Walmsley – Keolis Nottingham

Luke Stark – TfGM

Mark Ashmore – LRSSB

Jim Medway – DLR (Docklands Light Rail)

Paul Connor – Supertram.

Reddy Morley – tii

Resham Mal-Rushforth – West Midlands Metro

Terry South – Supertram

Tim Bilby – Supertram


2021 Meeting dates:

  • Thursday, May, 13
  • Thursday, August 12
  • Thursday November 11

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