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  • Reporting system roll out set to enhance tram safety

    An enhanced accident and incident reporting system has been welcomed by light rail leaders and is now ready to deliver a major boost for tramway safety.

  • Data analyst joins LRSSB team

    The upgrade of a comprehensive Tramway Accident and Incident Reporting (TAIR) system has been boosted with the appointment of a dedicated data analyst by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

  • LRSSB offers free access to comprehensive legislation library

    Light rail safety professionals now have free access to the most up-to-date legislation, thanks to a new agreement between the LRSSB and the best-known provider of specialist information services.

  • Guidance helps operators meet climate challenges

    As climate change continues to make extreme weather events more frequent and intense, new guidance has been published to help light rail operators respond to severe conditions.

  • Workshops boost adoption of risk modelling

    A series of workshops organised by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board is helping tramway operators to review their own risk models.

  • Guidance on driver recruitment and training reissued

    As part of a continuous review of existing light rail guidance, a document covering for the effective recruitment and training of new tram drivers has been reissued by the LRSSB.

  • Research project targets closing doors risk

    New technology with the potential to further reduce the risk of ‘trap and drag’ incidents on tramways and similar transit systems is to be subject to a comprehensive research project.

  • New Year message from Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive

    Although 2022 has proved another challenging year on many fronts, when it comes to safety, the light rail sector has taken significant strides forward over the past 12 months.

  • Guidance documents summary – December 2022

    In its business plan for 22/23, the LRSSB has committed to producing a total of 12 individual guidance documents by the end of this financial year and has published a summary of those completed so far.

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