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  • Report puts successful safety projects in the spotlight

    A new report has highlighted the successful delivery of a wide range of projects aimed at further enhancing light rail safety over the past 12 months.

  • Partnership to establish guidance on reporting of safety concerns

    The Light Rail Safety and Standards Board is forging closer links with the organisation that provides an independent channel for employees to raise their safety concerns.

  • Essential aid to constructing new light rail systems published

    A comprehensive guide for applying the most recent regulations on the design and management of new or extended tramway systems has been published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

  • New videos urge passengers to ‘be smart’ around trams

    A series of animated videos look set to provide a boost for light rail safety following their online premiers this week.

  • LRSSB helping Midland Metro Alliance to manage risk ahead of extension handover

    Planning for the handover of a multi-million-pound extension to West Midlands Metro looks to have been boosted by a risk assessment process adopted for the light rail sector by the LRSSB.

  • Career opportunity for enthusiastic engineer

    UKTram, together with the organisation responsible for driving light rail safety, is offering a unique opportunity for a qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic Engineer.

  • Regulator recognises LRSSB’s contribution to light rail safety

    The Light Rail Safety and Standards Board has welcomed the findings of a review into its work to date.

  • New guidance to aid vulnerable customers

    Ensuring the safety of vulnerable people on tramways and similar transit systems is the subject of the latest guidance published by the LRSSB.

  • First 2022 edition of OnTrack Newsletter featuring news from UKTram and LRSSB

    Welcome to the latest issue of OnTrack, featuring all the latest news from UKTram and the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board. 

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