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New, updated guidance on the testing of audible warning systems has been published by the organisation responsible for further enhancing light rail safety.

Now available to download from the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board website, the document draws on the experience of professionals from across the sector to update previously published guidance.

In addition to providing vital information for organisations developing new systems, it can also be used by owners and operators of existing systems to ensure continuous improvement of their own processes.

Mark Ashmore, Safety Assurance Manager at the LRSSB, explained: “The guidance aims to ensure that the testing of audible warnings, such as tram horns, meet the requirements of light rail vehicles operating in areas they share with other road users, including pedestrians.

“Taking into account factors such as background noise and weather conditions, it also provides information on recommended frequencies and volumes for systems under test as well as the correct mounting of the equipment.”

The new guidance is the latest in a series of safety documents to be published by the LRSSB covering key elements of light rail development, operations and maintenance. Designed to help share best practice across the sector, they’ll also help operators comply with relevant safety legislation.

When published, they’ll contribute to a comprehensive library of safety documentation that’s easily accessible through a portal on the LRSSB Reference Library.

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