Fatigue management guidance published

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Comprehensive guidance on fatigue management within the light rail sector has been published following a thorough review of existing advice and extensive consultations.

As part of this process, the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board engaged a leading fatigue risk management consultancy, Clockwork Research, to undertake peer review of the guidance document.

Now available on the LRSSB’s online reference library, the LRG 6.0 – Fatigue Management draws on the expertise and experience of health and safety professionals from across light rail and related transport sectors.

Mark Ashmore, Safety Assurance Manager at the LRSSB, explained: “This landmark document includes details of the employer’s legal responsibilities in relation to fatigue monitoring and management of employees in safety critical roles, as well as information on mitigation measures.

“The extensive consultation process has ensured that the final published guidance is fully up to date and in line with the latest research and legislation, as well as covering the broadest range of workplace scenarios.”

“It also references the risks associated with working patterns, night shifts and factors outside the work environment.”

LRG 6.0 – Fatigue Management can be downloaded here.

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