Guidance on driver recruitment and training reissued

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As part of a continuous review of existing light rail guidance, a document covering for the effective recruitment and training of new tram drivers has been reissued by the LRSSB.

The guidance covers everything from psychometric testing to the physical and mental abilities required for a job where public safety is absolutely paramount. The latest version is now available to download from the LRSSB’s online reference library here.

Craig O’Brien, the organisation’s Head of Engineering Safety and Innovation, commented: “In this case, the changes to the guidance may have been minimal but the review programme is vitally important to ensure safety professionals have access to the most up-to-date information key areas of light rail safety.

“All documents within the reference library are part of this process, but the review of guidance on driver recruitment and training, and its reissue, is particularly timely as many operators are currently engaged in this process due to either expansion or post-pandemic recovery.”

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