Key infrastructure covered in new best practice manual

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Building on the work of a light rail engineering group, the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board has completed the first draft of a new publication covering the management of a key element of tramway infrastructure.

The Overhead Line Best Practice manual is now subject to peer review and is expected to be published before the end of the year.

Craig O’Brien, LRSSB Engineering Manager, explained: “This comprehensive guide marks the completion of a project that was launched some time ago by UKTram’s Light Rail Engineers Group and then further developed by the LRSSB.

“Throughout this process, the focus has been on comparing overhead line equipment maintenance techniques carried out by UK networks to build a clear set of recommendations.

“These are based on years of expert experience as well as the manufacturers’ guidance and are supported by useful graphics and illustrations.

“These are included in an extensive appendix that also includes a guide to standardised OLE asset terminology which, following the peer review, will be agreed by industry professionals.”

The manual is now being reviewed by a panel of engineers from UK tramways, and when published it will be added to the LRSSB’s growing online reference library here, providing a useful guide for those working on both existing and future systems.


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