LRSSB leads on project to manage safety verification and hazard logs

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A new initiative aimed at developing a cross-sector approach to verification and compliance with regulations has been launched by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

The organisation is working with transport infrastructure consultancy, Anturas, to develop a new software tool to help guide light rail safety professionals through the safety verification process.

Applying elements of Railways and Other Guided Transport (ROGS) Regulations that relate to light rail, it will help describe the process to identify and control risks arising from the introduction of new or altered vehicles and infrastructure.

Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive, explained: “Although hazard identification, assessment and verification is always considered, and is vitally important for tramway safety, we believe the sector would benefit from a process that describes more adequately the steps required, together with the timing and engagement of an Independent Competent Person, if required.

“Whilst ROGS lay out steps to be considered there is also some level of uncertainty on when, how and by whom some responsibilities are carried out.

“Although we are still in the early stages of the project, we expect it to provide a clearer and more appropriate process that can easily be adopted by organisations from across the sector.”

As well as establishing a clear assessment and associated guidance for the user to determine if and how safety verification applies, the tool will also include a modified version of the Hazard Log previously developed by Anturas for use in heavy rail applications.

This provides the user with initial hazards to be mitigated, based on criteria chosen by the user, and it provides an initial log that the project managers can use as the starting point for the ‘live’ hazard record.

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