LRSSB offers free access to comprehensive legislation library

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Light rail safety professionals now have free access to the most up-to-date legislation, thanks to a new agreement between the LRSSB and the best-known provider of specialist information services.

Founded in 1957, Barbour EHS also provides regular updates on changes to UK legislation across a number of key areas, including health and safety, environment and energy, estates and facilities management, fire and security, and mental health and wellbeing.

Mark Ashmore, LRSSB Safety and Assurance Manager, commented: “This new agreement with Barbour provides significant value for our customers, giving them easy access to legislation, guidance and policies from over 800 trusted sources. These include documents produced by the Health and Safety Executive, the Environment Agency and the British Standards Institute, as well as a host of trade organisations.

“The LRSSB has made a significant investment in a licensing agreement that ensures colleagues across the light rail sector can enjoy free access to a comprehensive database of documents that will help them to comply with the latest legislation and best practice.”

The new agreement with Barbour complements the continued development of the LRSSB’s own online reference library, which contains guidance specific to light rail. For further information, including details on how to benefit from the Barbour service, email

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