New reference manual shares OLE best practice

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Following peer review by an expert panel of UK tramways engineers, key guidance on the maintenance of vital tramway infrastructure has been published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

The Overhead Line Equipment Maintenance and Reference Manual is now available to download from the LRSSB’s growing reference library and builds on previous guidance on best practice from manufacturers and existing UK Light Rail systems.

Craig O’Brien, LRSSB Engineering Manager, said: “This new manual offers a general description of assets and maintenance requirements which we feel will enhance industry standards across the board.

“The guidance is not specific to individual systems but does provide comprehensive information on preventative, systematic, condition-based and corrective maintenance, plus definitions of designated maintenance levels and guidance on frequency of inspections.”

Safety considerations for technical workers are also featured in the manual, covering potential hazards, working in heat or at height, risk assessments and protective clothing.

There are also fully-illustrated appendices covering the main specialist tools and visual inspection components, and tables listing terminology and abbreviations agreed by industry professionals. Ranges for contact wire heights and gradients and expected lifespan of OLE equipment are covered along with other valuable information.

“The new manual builds on work initiated by UK Tram’s Light Rail Engineers’ Group and we believe it provides a clear overview that will help to standardise best practice in a key element of tramway infrastructure,” Craig added.

The guide can be downloaded here.

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