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  • Rail breaks guidance published following peer review

    Specific guidance on how to manage rail breaks and minimise the resulting disruption to services has been published by the LRSSB.

  • New Year Message from the LRSSB

    While 2021 proved a challenge due to the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic, progress in a number of key areas will see the LRSSB look forward to the year ahead with renewed confidence.

  • Cycle safety the focus of new light rail guidance

    Detailed guidance on how to make tramways and similar urban transit systems as safe as possible for cyclists is now available to download from the LRSSB’s growing online reference library.

  • On Track Newsletter Packed with LRSSB and UKTram Updates

    There’s plenty of news from UKTram and the LRSSB in […]

  • Rail breaks guidance set for publication

    Extensive research into reducing the frequency and impact of breaks in embedded rail is set to shape new guidance from the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

  • Review of wheel-rail interface guide

    A Good Practice Guide for Managing the Wheel-Rail Interface of light rail and tramway systems has been revised and revived to enhance safety across the sector.

  • Key infrastructure covered in new best practice manual

    Building on the work of a light rail engineering group, the LRSSB has completed the first draft of a new publication covering the management of a key element of tramway infrastructure.

  • Group set for new name and terms of reference

    A key component of the LRSSB’s operating structure is to be renamed alongside an update of its membership and objectives.

  • Crossing guidance added to growing online reference library

    A growing online library of light rail safety documents now includes updated guidance on the design and management of tramway crossings for pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorised road users.

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