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  • New guidance to aid vulnerable customers

    Ensuring the safety of vulnerable people on tramways and similar transit systems is the subject of the latest guidance published by the LRSSB.

  • First 2022 edition of OnTrack Newsletter featuring news from UKTram and LRSSB

    Welcome to the latest issue of OnTrack, featuring all the latest news from UKTram and the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board. 

  • New reference manual shares OLE best practice

    Following peer review by an expert panel of UK tramways engineers, key guidance on the maintenance of vital tramway infrastructure has been published by the LRSSB.

  • Light Rail set to benefit from university collaboration

    A proposed new partnership between the organisation responsible for light rail safety and a well-respected University has the potential to drive innovation across the sector.

  • LRSSB leads on project to manage safety verification and hazard logs

    A new initiative aimed at developing a cross-sector approach to verification and compliance with regulations has been launched by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

  • Driver selection and recruitment guide

    Comprehensive guidance on tram driver selection and recruitment has been published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

  • Guidance review following Highway Code update

    Light rail operators are being urged to review their risk assessments following changes to the Highway Code that come into force on January 29.

  • Magazine focuses on risk framework

    An ambitious project to create a fully integrated risk management framework for light rail has been put under the spotlight in a leading trade publication.

  • Latest wheel-rail interface guide available now

    The LRSSB has further expanded its online reference library to include an updated version of its guidance for Managing the Wheel-Rail Interface for light rail systems.

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