Reporting system upgrades taking shape

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Work to carry out a major upgrade to the Tram Accident and Incident Reporting (TAIR) system is gathering pace.

Led by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board (LRSSB), a sector working group is engaging with specialist software developers to spearhead improvements to the system. Together they are driving a series of enhancements to make it even more effective, and easier for tramway operators to use.

Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive, explained: “An enormous amount of work has gone into identifying where improvements can be made to ensure TAIR meets its full potential, delivering a comprehensive platform that provides the cornerstone for future risk modelling.

“We are extremely grateful for the input we’ve received from the sector so far. This engagement is vitally important if TAIR is to work effectively alongside the various internal incident reporting processes which operators already have in place.

“This is an extremely complex project, but work is progressing well, and we hope to have a refreshed database model ready for testing early in 2023.”

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