Research drives new guidance on inattention systems

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An award-winning study of technology designed to detect signs of driver inattention has been highlighted in new safety guidance for light rail networks.

Published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board, the guidance draws on extensive trials of systems currently available to tram operators.

Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive, explained: “The document builds on a large body of research carried out on behalf of the LRSBB and offers a clear guide to the types of driver inattention and potential causes, including illness, fatigue and distractions.

“Crucially, it provides a thorough analysis of systems operators can put in place to mitigate against these risks, enabling them to make a fully informed decision when choosing the most appropriate solution for their network.”

Both the research – which was recognised at last year’s Light Rail Awards – and the new guidance examine the strengths and weaknesses of driver safety devices and task monitoring systems, both widely used in both heavy and light rail, as well as emerging technology that focusses on eye closure and head movement detection.

Mr Williams added: “The publication of the guidance, and the recommendations it contains, mark another significant step forward for the light rail sector as we strive to further improve safety standards on existing and future tramways.”

The full guidance document (LRG17.0 Driver Inattention Systems) can be found here, while a copy of the full research report can also be found on the LRSSB website here.

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