Risk profile review gets underway

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A major review of light rail risk factors is now being initiated as part of efforts to build a comprehensive, sector-wide model.

Experts from Atkins, a leading rail safety consultancy, are working on behalf of the LRSSB to develop updated ‘risk profiles’ covering all UK systems.

At present information supplied by individual operators is under review, taking into account measures put in place following the Sandilands tragedy.

Mark Ashmore, LRSSB Safety and Assurance Manager, explained: “Clearly, operators are constantly updating their own assessments, in response to their own experiences and the incorporation of changes as part of new guidance.

“This review aims to bring existing profiles up to date, providing a robust platform to build on. It will provide a valuable tool as operators continue their work to enhance safety and driving down risk.

“Once complete, the new risk profiles will provide a thorough evaluation of common risk factors and those that are also network specific. This will help both operators and LRSSB to prioritise, guidance development, mitigation measures and to allocate resources appropriately.”

The current review is expected to take several months to complete, with profile updates anticipated to become available for review later in the year.

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