Human Factors put in the spotlight

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Human Factors (HF) theory in relation to light rail safety is to be put in the spotlight by the LRSSB during a planned workshop that follows on from recent BowTie XP training sessions.

The event aims to cover practical ways to include HF in safety planning and how to incorporate it in a LRSSB project to build a BowTie database of risk assessments for the light rail sector.

The workshop will be led by Dr Amanda Elliott – a HF expert with an engineering background who runs a consultancy focusing on expertise in rolling stock, depots and railway signalling – and will look at the role of the individual, the impact of regulators and society and the design of trams, infrastructure and controls.

Degradation of performance due to workload and conditions will also be considered, as well as the most frequently reported incidents.

Mark Ashmore, LRSSB Safety Assurance Manager, commented: “This additional workshop will provide further benefits to the wider light rail sector by offering colleagues responsible for risk assessments a fascinating insight into human behaviours that impact on safety.”

A date for the event is yet to be confirmed, but anyone who has taken part in previous BowTie training can register their interest by emailing

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